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Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Cleaner in an Instant

You’ve just found out that your friend or family member is dropping in to pay you a visit sometime today. As nice as it will be to see them, you have second thoughts about them turning up because your home could be cleaner.

What’s more, is you don’t have time to thoroughly clean every part of your home so what do you do? You make your home look much cleaner in no time at all and here’s how:

Work on What your Guests Will See

One of the first things you need to do is tackle those areas that your guests will see. They will make their way through the hallway and into the living room or kitchen. These are the areas that you need to spend more time cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom too as chances are they’ll use it.

Dust Those Large Areas

Dust your television, your fireplace and the tabletop. Your home will look much cleaner if you do and your guests will automatically think that the same level of cleanliness continues throughout the house. If you have more time, dust the window ledges and any corners that might seem a little grubby. Consider also dusting the stair rails and they can get quite dirty.

Clean your Kitchen

You might not plan to spend a lot of time in your kitchen but you’ll need to make sure it looks clean. If you have time, consider tile & grout cleaning in Pleasanton so your kitchen instantly looks cleaner. You should also do something with all of those dirty dishes. Place them in a dishwasher if you have one or wash them by hand.

If your dishes are always on display even when they’re clean you should consider stacking them in size order. This will make them look so much tidier. If you don’t have much time to wash your dirty dishes hide them in the oven or in a cupboard until your guests have gone.

Get Rid of That Clutter

Most of us have a bit of clutter located in a corner on sat on top of a table. However, that clutter can look untidy and make a real difference to your home. Get rid of that clutter, tidy it away and place it somewhere where it cannot be seen. Hide the clutter in a cupboard if you need to or in a room that has a closed door.

Vacuum the Floors

One of the last things you should do is vacuum the floors. Leaving this job until last will mean you’re less likely to drop dirt on your rugs or carpets. Pay particular attention to those areas where guests are more likely to spend time. Don’t forget to vacuum in corners and under the sofa where crumbs are usually dropped.

You don’t have to panic about your home not looking as clean as a whistle. With a bit of work, the above tips can make your home look so much cleaner in no time at all!

Before You Travel Make Sure You Get Your Shots

If you are planning on traveling to somewhere exotic either for business or pleasure you might want to check into which vaccinations you need for international travel.  As part of your to-do list you should check with the CDC to see what vaccinations you need if any.  The CDC groups vaccinations into three categories, routine, recommended and required.  So before you travel make sure you get your shots, malaria isn’t going to be pleasant.

Routine Innoculations

These are the normal vaccines you got as a child, such as those for measles, mumps and tetanus.  If you’re an adult now then you may need a booster, most vaccines only last for a decade or so.  This is a good time to make sure that all of your shots are completely up to date.

Recommended Innoculations

These types of vaccines are largely dependent on where you are traveling to, for instance if you are heading to Europe there are only a couple of recommended vaccines.  Europe has health standards much like our own.  The CDC may only recommend you get the hepatitis vaccines.  If you are traveling to Africa, particularly a rural part then the number of vaccines is far longer.  For that type of travel you will need vaccines against malaria, typhoid and rabies.  Those are illnesses that we don’t have to worry much about in the US.  Here are some of the vaccines you may need.

Your age, the time of year and your overall health and what you plan to do at your destination are all going to play a role in the vaccines that you need.  After checking with the CDC to find out what is recommended based on your destination then it is time to have a conversation with your primary care doctor to see what they recommend as well.

Mandatory Vaccines

Some countries won’t even let you in unless you have the mandatory vaccines.  For example if you are traveling to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj then the meningococcal vaccine is a must or if you are traveling to parts of South America you need to be immunized against yellow fever.

When to Get Vaccinated

Once you have your travel plans laid out then it is time to book an appointment with your doctor.  Some vaccines need a month or more for them to be effective, while others require a series of shots.  Nobody enjoys getting their shots but you will enjoy having a vaccine preventable disease far less.