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Stay Fit While On Vacation

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With all the tasty food, exciting liquor, and ways to relax while on vacation, it’s no wonder that staying fit takes a backseat for the duration of most vacations. It is, however, important and should not be forgotten. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to stay active and fit while away from home.

Bring lightweight workout equipment.

When packing your bags, consider packing some lightweight, easy to carry workout equipment.  Equipment such as jump ropes and resistance bands are easy to carry and take up very little space in a suitcase or carry on, and both can be used in a hotel room without causing a disturbance.

Follow the two day rule.

The two day rule is a great way to make exercise a priority. This rule requires a strict workout structure- no more than two days should go by without a workout of some sort, whether it be a 3 mile jog or a cardio session at the local fitness center. 

Enroll in a fitness class.

If you’re staying in or near a city, consider enrolling in a fitness class or two. Not only will the class keep you in shape, but it could also prove to be a lot of fun as many locations offer their own unique fitness classes. Some that come to mind are classes that include yoga with goats, aerial fitness, and jump rope.

Opt to walk.

Although taking a tour of the land around you from the comfort of a bus or train sounds tempting, it can be detrimental to your physical fitness. Instead of booking a tour bus, opt to see the sights on foot. Doing so will get you up and moving, keep your blood flowing, and allow you to thoroughly take in the scenery.

Plan for a food emergency.

It’s not uncommon to lose track of time and miss a meal. This, although harmless at the time, can catch up with you later in the firm of a large, heavy meal full of carbs and unhealthy fat. To be prepared for a food disaster, keep your backpack or travel pack full of healthy snacks such as protein bars and dried fruit.

Avoid skipping meals.

As mentioned above, skipping a meal may seem harmless during the moment. It can, however, be harmful later on. Skipping meals can make you feel unwell, and can also lead to binge eating and overeating, both of which include the consumption of excess calories and unhealthy fats. 

Stay hydrated.

Water, or lack of it, is linked to hunger. If you’re dehydrated while on vacation, your stomach can be tricked into thinking that you’re hungry when in fact you’re just not drinking enough fluids. As a rule of thumb, always try to drink as much as possible to avoid this common problem. Keep in mind, as well, that alcohol actually dehydrates the body so it shouldn’t be considered a fluid in this case. If you’re going to drink alcohol, be sure to drink water alongside it.

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